Sunday, April 11, 2010

Palm Pre Profile switcher

From the Link:
At this point Mode can control the following things:

- Wallpaper
- Instant messaging status
- Message sound setting
- Ringer mode and volume
- System sounds state and volume
- Display brightness, timeout and touchstone screen mode
- State of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS/Data/USBnet connections
- Applications to be opened

The mode can be activated manually or to be set to activate automatically on trigger events. Supported trigger events are:

- Placing phone on touchstone charger
- Connecting phone on usb or wall charger
- Certain time on certain days (weekdays, weekends, every day)
- Based on location, if GPS is enabled

Available as a private feed for your pleasure:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Apple iPad Envy? Better alternatives for less

For those who dont need to buy the brand, look at these other "Netvertibles" available (Thanks to Engadget for compiling what I was already looking for):