Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Opensourced Home Automation Offering - Pytomation

After more than a decade of using and contributing to Misterhouse, I have decided to startup a new open-sourced Home Automation platform - Pytomation.    There is a ton of legacy design with MH that needs to be refactored and unfortunately there isnt any unit testing to help with that.  To assist with reliability / maintainability in the future I started from scratch with a Test-Driven Development  (TDD) approach.

Hit the link up above to get the Python library code (should be multiplatform: Linux, Windows, Mac)  to drive basic ON/OFF functionality for Insteon, UPB, and X10 interfaces.   Most of the hardware with threading / communication / binary wrangling has been complete and am looking for feedback / any contributions at this point.  There should be enough there for even novices to Python to be able to help out and welcome any questions / requests for assistance / comments you may have (jasonatsharpeedotcom)

My goal is to replace my Misterhouse Installations by the end of the year, so you can expect some of the same functionality to be added over the next few months (LOMP, Tiggers, Web, Floorplan, Notifications, etc)

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