Saturday, June 30, 2012

Apple wakens the sleeping Android giant - Google

After years of Apple taking legal potshots at various Android device manufacturers for specific devices, they have finally landed a legal success against the mothership Google.  Google is now prevented from selling their very own Android phone (Galaxy Nexus) for the specific reason of having a unified search experience!  No less than a couple of days from their annual marketing blitz surrounding the device and the ecosystem.   Undoubtedly this is going to finally trigger a return fire.

What can Google return fire with?  Plenty.  For instance they acquired Motorolla Mobility which holds a bunch of very important mobile device patents that Apple has initially been found to be violating.   Google will be forced to become a legal expert now and Im sure this and many future filings from them will sting Apple at its core revenue stream this summer / fall. 

If Google cannot sell their Android appliances, it will hurt their ego but not dent their revenue.  If Apple cannot sell their iOS devices, they lose almost everything.

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