Thursday, May 26, 2011

View Kindle Books on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 (Remove Kindle DRM)

I have had an Amazon Kindle for a year or so now and enjoy reading using the device.   However, sometimes I forget to bring along the kindle and would like to read them on my Ubuntu 10.10 Laptop.

As is seemingly the trend, media distributors put DRM (Digital Right Management) onto the files in a vain attempt to stop them from being copied.   This interferes with the ability to Ubuntu to simply read these files without going through some hoops.

Here is how to do it:

Go to Amazon Website->Digital Library->Manage Kindle->Select Book for Transfer via PC
Save book file (xxxx.azw) to /tmp

Install "Calibre":
sudo apt-get install calibre

Obtain "DRM" removing software (Author Page): (click download)

Extract ->  /tools/Calibre_Plugins/ to /tmp

Open Calibre (go through wizard if youd like):
Applications-> Office -> Calibre

Add plugin:
Preferences->Plugins->(Browse for file Button)
Select: /tmp/
Click Add
Select: File Plugins
Select: Configure
Enter your Kindle Serial Number (Found in settings menu)
Click OK
Click Apply

Select Calibre->Import Book

Select your download book (xxxx.azw) file

 Title should appear in your list of books
Right-click on the book title and select "view"

Enjoy your DRM free book on Ubuntu!


  1. Neat. You reference a "Kindle Serial Number". Is this something you get when you buy an ebook on Amazon or is it something you get when you buy a Kindle hardware device?

    1. Kindle e-reader (hardware device).

    2. Also keep in mind that the Kindle Serial Number *MUST* be entered into the plugin preferences CASE-SENSITIVE (as of plugin version 0.4.10 on Ubuntu 12.0.4 64-bit) and should not contain any spaces (ex: B123897645546FTR)

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