Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fifth Element: Who is Finger?

Just happened to be watching the HD version one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies "Fifth Element" and noticed again the scene where Corbin is talking with his boss "Finger".   At one point he picks up a picture of the mysterious person and it would appear that a bit of the picture is disclosed.   I took a few stills to try and get a glimpse of what the movie producers used as a picture. Looks like it was a legit picture, just never got to see it from the camera angle.

Here they are (Around frame 26,000 if you would like to peak as well):

overviewFront side:

frontside1Backside (translucent).  You can almost make out someone with a handle-bar mustache.

backsidePicture of Corbin Dallas at the time for a frame of reference:


Thursday, July 8, 2010

2005 Acura TL Door handle cover

The 2005 TL appears to have a design flaw with the door handle cover coming off and getting lost.  If you are under warranty (which I doubt at this point) you can try to get them to fix it under "goodwill", however, for me it is worth the $12 to get it sent to you online from here:

Door Cover defect service bulletin: