Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 7 - Shortcut to lock screen

Was missing the ability to click on an icon and lock the screen.   

Found this on the internet ( :

  1.  Right Click on desktop
  2. New -> Shortcut
  3. Location: "rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation"
  4. Name: "Lock Screen"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bridge Mode on the Timer Warner DOCSIS Broadband Extreme UBEE router

As the title suggests, I have recently switched internet providers to Time Warner and received their new DOCSIS wireless router manufactured by UBEE.   In its out of the box experience, this router will try to be your; A) Modem B) Router C) Wireless Access Point D) Firewall.

TW gives you a "user" account on the device to configure various end-user options.  Network security has been a hobby of mine for many decades and the thought of having a network device that someone else has admin and having access to my private subnet is not tolerable ;)

To disable all of the functionality of the UBEE modem/router and use your own equipment you need to do two things:

  • Disable the Wireless
    • user: user  password: user
    • Navigate To: Wireless -> Primary Network
    • Primary Network = Disable
  • Put the device into Bridge Mode (Hidden Menu)
    •  ** Please note, others below have been seeing different IP addresses depending on what area you are in such as
    • user: user  password: user
    • Tools - Operation Mode
    • Select "Bridge mode"
    • click "Apply"
    • Enjoy - The UBEE device will now have a IP address and be out of your way.
  • ** From an Anonymous Source below:
    • The hidden menu has a "secret" admin username and password. The username is the last 8 digits of the Ubee's mac address, and the password is c0nf1gur3m3
    • So log out of the user account and log back in using the master password. Be careful what you do in that mode!