Monday, May 26, 2008

Tried installing Keyless entry in Del Sol

Well, tried installing a keyless entry system in my Del Sol.   I got a really good deal on a DEI Python 460HP at the local CircuitCity and figured it would be a couple of hour job.   I have a lot of experience with electronics so I thought this would be some good fun.  Armed with the factory shop manual, I pulled the car into the garage, and began my project.

Identifying what needed to be wired took some time, however,  with the help of the internet it seemed fairly simple.  Sadly I soon found out this was not true.

I spent several hours trying to get at the Door Lock/Unlock wires Green/White Green/Red.  These were clearly identified as pull-to-ground wires which is the simplest to hook into. What wasn't easy was getting to the wires in the car as the driver door loom comes in relatively close to the top of the dash.  Because the del sol is such a small car, everything was packed in as effeciently as Japanese design teams could, and getting at the wires was virtually an impossiblity without removal of several subsystems (Fuse Panel, SRS plate, Cruise Control, Flasher Circuit, etc)  of the car.

After spending a lot more time working on this than I had planned, I set a goal of getting it done by 12:00pm today or plan a new strategy.  Sadly, 12 hit without being finished, had to "roll back" all of the modifications that was done, and pull the alarm out.   I now have an appointment with "Firedog" aka CircuitCity to install the alarm for $100 ( <--  Definitely worth it! )

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