Monday, June 23, 2008

Honda Del Sol - Idle Air Control (IAC) problem - Code 14

On my way home one day, my Del Sol produced a "check engine" light on the dash and the car became near impossible to shift without stalling (the engine idled way too low).   Upon arriving home, I checked the codes using the field service indicator mode.  Not a huge surprise to find a code 14 - Idle Air Control problem.  Here is what I did to fix.

Check your trouble codes without any special tools:

- Under the dash board in the passenger side (right most area), behind the carpet, you will find the car's ECU.
- Find a cable that terminates into a big Green rubber block and unplug the 2-wire connector from it
- Use a paper clip and short the two wires together
- Turn the ignition switch on (do not start) and observe the check engine indicator (it will start flashing)
- The flashes will indicate the trouble code number (long pulses are the tens place, short pulses are the ones place)
- Lookup the trouble code on the internet (use google for "Honda trouble codes")

Repair the IAC  ( 1.6L Si SOHC - D16Y8 Motor ):

- Find the IAC in the engine compartment.  Follow the big black air duct to the first solid piece of metal ( air intake manifold ) . The IAC is attached to the rear of the intake manifold, is a black plastic cylinder mounted with two 12mm bolts, has a 2 wire connector, and has two coolant lines running to it.
- Unbolt the IAC using a 12mm rachet.  Be careful not to loose the rubber o-ring gasket in between the manifold and the IAC
- Disconnect the 2 wire connector (it has a push to open lock) and ensure it doesnt drop far by wedging it somewhere or tying to a piece of string
- Disconnect the two coolant lines using a needle-nose pliers to squeeze the clamps and move them an inch down the hose.
- Gently twist and pull the coolant lines off of the IAC.  I initially used a regular screw driver wedged between the hose end and the IAC twisting it slightly to loosen up the hose.
- Using Electric Spray Degreaser and q-tips, spray into the two air holes until the fluid discharching is clear.
- Then use the q-tips to swap any area inside the air holes until clean.
- Follow up with another spray filling the cavities and let soak for about an hour.
- Empty the IAC of all fluid and let air day for several hours
- Re-install IAC
- Pull the ECU and BACKUP fuses from the engine compartment fuse holder for 10 secs.  This will clear the ECU and its trouble codes.

Done!  IAC is no longer a problem on my and hopefully your find Honda automobile.

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