Saturday, July 26, 2008

Review: HTC BH-S100 Stereo Bluetooth Receiver

Got my HTC BH-S100 receiver in earlier this week and have had a few days to try it out at home and at work.  In summary exactly what I expected and works exactly as I need it to.

- It works as advertised.  It does receive full sample rate stereo PCM audio from both my Windows Mobile HTC Mogul phone and all of my bluetooth enabled Ubuntu laptops.
- Good quality audio from the receiver unit (* see cons)
- The unit is built as a spring clip that easily attaches to various clothing for support.  It also includes a somewhat stylish fake leather necklace for wearing around the neck.
- Battery life is over 5 hours.  Havent run it down yet to get a run-dead time, but have gotten in the habbit of charing every night along with my cellphone.  Used it for several days of casual listening at work without running out.
- USB charging, sorta.   The receiver has a barrel connecter on the device, however, HTC includes an adapater to go from mini-usb to barrel.   Very odd configuration in my opinion, but it works.

- The included ear buds are worthless and sound like listening through a tin can.   This was expected as most reviews of other devices usually find fault with the quality of the headphones.  This is the reason why I purchased this receiver as you can use your own 3.5mm headphones with this device.  The included headphones ended up in my trash
- Cant use while charging. Really this is only a problem when first getting the device and anxiously waiting the three hour charge time. ;)
- While you can charge the device with USB, you need to have the adpater to do it.  Dont see why they just didnt put a mini-usb on the device itself.

Definitely worth the money and look forward to a hopefully long life with it.


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  2. I bought one of those and the clip broke in a few days, leaving it nearly useless since my main use would be listening to music /and/ talking. Now I got a Nokia BH-501 and fell in love with it. :)


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