Monday, August 11, 2008

What happend to Xmms in Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04?

Just as the title suggests, Xmms has been removed the repository for ubuntu hardy heron 8.04. From what I gathered on my limited reading of forum posts, Xmms was too unstable and not well maintained, thus it wasnt selected for inclusion in the standard ubuntu distro.   I have heard that Audacious is the replacement program for Xmms like functionality.  I just installed it today and will test it out.

For those still looking for Xmms, hit this link, and download the .DEB to install.

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  1. XMMS wasn't available in Mandriva 10 either, nor was it available in RH Enterprise 4 (due to licensing concerns). I actually got XMMS for my machine, but it's kind of buggy (takes a long time to load), at least that's my impression.