Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ubuntu and Blueray

Well, I have been boycotting BlueRay discs for some time now, however, I do get them as gifts from time-to-time and need to play them.  Nowadays I will purchase HD movies streamed online from Amazon using their media library and my Roku, but I received a few more physical BD discs that I need to decrypt this Christmas...

At this point though it is more economicalfor me to re-purchase the titles on Amazon then to spend the time getting the discs decrypted, but for those looking for a challenge:

Here are a few links of interest in playing blue-ray discs from Ubuntu 9.10

The Main Ubuntu Blueray guide:

BDRom decryption keys by Movie title:

DumpHD ( Open source ripping program )

MakeMKV ( Closed Source ripping program )

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