Thursday, August 18, 2011

Android Device / Phone Recovery Mode Access Buttons

Been mod'ing a bunch of Android devices lately and am having a hard time keeping track of how to enter the recovery mode on each. ;) Thought Id list it here for yours and my benefit.

Samsung Galaxy 2 SkyRocket (SGH I727)

  1. Phone off
  2. Hold Vol-UP & Vol-DOWN & Power buttons until the "Samsung" Logo appears.
HTC EVO 3D (Shooter):
  1. Ensure Phone is completely off (fastboot is turned off) or simply do a battery pull before proceeding
  2. Hold "Vol Down" + "Power" until white HBOOT screen appears

LG Optimus S (LS670):

  1. Hold "Vol Down" + "Home" + "Power" until LG Slash screen appears

HTC EVO 4G (Super Sonic):

  1. Hold "Vol Down" + "Power" until white HBOOT screen appears

HTC Hero (cdma):

  1. Hold "Home" + "Power" (red button) until recovery appears

B&N Nook Touch 2nd Edition (N2E):

  1. Press "Power" until screen changes
  2. Immediately Hold "Bottom Left" + "Bottom Right" buttons until wipe screen appears

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