Sunday, December 4, 2011

UPB PIM / CIM Firmware Trouble

Just recently had another Simply Automated UPB PC interface Module (PIM) fail on me in Upstart.   While I was programming various devices, Upstart started reporting that it could not program the device because "Version 3.05 or higher is required".   Upon looking at the programming dialog I could see it was checking for the firmware version number and the device was reporting "Version: 0.00".

Going into diagnostics in upstart I could see all of the settings on the device were cleared.  Last time this happened I didnt know what was going on, thinking one of my experiments went bad, so I actually bought a new PIM and threw out the old one.   Well this time I dug in a little more, searched the internet, and found that you can do a factory reset to restore all of the registers.

Here's how to fix the PIM / CIM if this happens to you:
- Get a paperclip
- Plug Module into the wall
- Push the set button 5 times fast
- (interface will be flashing red)
- Push the set button 10 times fast
- (interface will be falshing green)
- Push the set button 2 times fast
- (device will reset)

Enjoy your PIM brought back from the dead.  Im thinking there is a flaw in the event model in UPstart that causes this.  Have to keep a look out in the future for the scenario.

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