Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Change any setting for Mouse / Touchpad / Pointstick / Keyboard in Ubuntu

For the last couple of years I have been using an IBM Ultranav Keyboard, Logitech Mouse with a laptop that itself has a touchpad / pointstick.  This poses quite a bit of a headache as Ubuntu's gnome settings doesnt quite handle settings for multiple input devices (2 keyboards, 2 pointsticks, 2 touchpads, 1 mouse)

Here is how to configure any input device in X windows from command line:
  • Get a list of input devices and their ID's:
    • $ xinput list
  • See all of the properties available to a particular device ID
    • $ xinput list-props 14
  • Set property of device by ID (disable input device entirely)
    • $ xinput set-prop 14 'Device Enabled' 0
And that is all!

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